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4 Home Sauna Ideas and Tips from House Designers

Saunas became a popular part of the Finnish culture around 2000 years ago as the Finns began using sauna and steam rooms to bathe and stay warm during harsh winters.

With all the rage about wellness and self-care today, people have started using high-heat, infrared saunas for relaxation, heat therapy, and healthy sweat. Moreover, they’ve become an essential part of the house design.

Architects recommend adding saunas at home not just because they’re great for sweating stress away, but also because they offer various health benefits like reducing hypertension risk, physiological enhancement, and prevention of other chronic illnesses.

Here are some trendy sauna designs that’ll complement your home interior or exterior perfectly.

Choose Lightwood

If your walls have lighter tones with off-white, browns, blonde, and beige themes, opt for a softer approach by choosing infrared saunas made with lightwood materials.

These saunas will be great for homes with dark cabinets, shelves, and cupboards. It’ll help you achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic without being over-the-top. Lightwood saunas leave a laidback, minimalistic impression because of their blonde wood elements.

Take it Outside

Sometimes, a house’s interior doesn’t have sufficient ventilation for an infrared sauna, and placing an indoor sauna in a small space will make it seem unnecessarily crowded and unappealing.

You can always use your backyard for a freestanding outdoor sauna. Reach out to our trusted sauna manufacturers to purchase an outdoor sauna that’s durable and isn’t affected by the weather.

Your outdoor sauna will undoubtedly be a unique structure that’ll instantly beautify your garden.

 a lightwood sauna room

Create a Sauna Lounge

Use the additional space outside your sauna kit to create a relaxation spot. Your sauna lounge will be the ultimate cool-off spot, especially if you’re planning to share sauna sessions with friends and family.

Customize your sauna lounge according to your sauna’s wood color and accents to subtly connect both spaces in your house.

Add Heat-Resistant Lights

Add a moody effect to your house’s sauna with some dark wood paneling. Light up the back of the sauna walls with LED lights to add drama and ambiance to your space. Remember to get heat-resistant lights for a safe sauna experience.

Multi-colored sauna lights are excellent add-ons to depict a transition into a therapy room from the house’s adjacent spaces.

an infrared sauna

Looking for aesthetically-pleasing saunas to add value to your home? Choose from our wide range of infrared saunas at USA Health & Wellness. We offer high-quality saunas from leading manufacturers like Healthmate for the ultimate heat therapy experience and your house’s overall design enhancement. Check them out today!

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