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Heat Therapy for PCOS - Is Stress Relief a Hot Bath Away?

6-12% of American women of reproductive age suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It’s an endocrine disorder that puts women at a high risk of insulin resistance and obesity. 10% of women worldwide are affected by PCOS that increases their chances of getting type-2 diabetes. 

There are various PCOS symptoms, including excessive hair growth, hair fall, obesity, and fertility issues. While there’s no cure for it yet, experts recommend making lifestyle changes to reverse some of its symptoms.

Sweat baths from saunas and steam rooms can help reverse PCOS symptoms by improving glucose control, and potentially enhancing insulin sensitivity. Read on to learn how infrared sauna baths can help women manage PCOS.

Stress Relief

PCOS’s symptoms like facial and body hair growth cause a significant amount of stress. While diet control and physical activity is crucial for managing stress hormones with PCOS, heat therapy through hot sauna baths can help uplift one’s mood.

In fact, indulging in sauna baths at least twice a week can reduce your stress levels by providing benefits similar to physical exercise. It may even help you potentially recover from mild or moderate depression.

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Better Sleeping Patterns

Healthy sweating before going to bed is sometimes just what you need for improved sleep quality and duration. Sauna baths can increase melatonin production in the body, which is essential for good sleep patterns.

Taking a 10-minute sauna bath at least 2 hours before going to bed will prepare your body to sleep peacefully throughout the night. The infrared sauna’s heat wavelengths will calm your body down by improving the blood circulation from the body’s core to hands, legs, back, and feet. As a result, you’ll experience improved sleep quality.

Improved Metabolism

Frequent sauna baths can help women with PCOS by increasing their glucose tolerance, reducing blood pressure, and heart rate. Stable cardiovascular health and blood circulation can help women regulate their menstrual cycles.

Moreover, adequate heat exposure can help PCOS with severe inflammation and insulin resistance by increasing the body’s fat tissues’ heat shock proteins.

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Managing PCOS symptoms is a work in progress and requires taking one step at a time to reach a healthy life goal. Begin your journey by choosing one of our infrared saunas online at USA Health & Wellness. We offer lowest-EMF saunas with carbon heating panels to help you reap all its health benefits in every sauna session. Check out our wide range of saunas today!

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