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a woman in a sauna

Buying Saunas Online: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Home saunas are excellent accessories if you’re all about the self-care lifestyle and are frequently finding ways to refresh your mind and body. The endless therapeutic and physical health benefits of an infrared sauna make it worth the investment. However, purchasing a sauna can be slightly overwhelming, especially when you’re browsing through them online.

While it has become a lot easier to research dozens of saunas right from your home, buying an infrared sauna online can be challenging due to varying prices and other essential specifications.

If you’re currently surfing the internet to get your hands on the best home sauna deals, read this guide to learn what you should keep in mind before making a big purchase.

Picking the Right Sauna Size

The first thing to determine is whether you’re looking for a sauna for personal use or do you prefer enjoying sauna baths with your friends’ or family’s company. Choose a sauna that’s big enough to accommodate the people you’ll be sharing the sauna with. Most high-quality saunas can accommodate more than three people.

Once you’ve found a large enough sauna appropriate for your sauna bathing needs, choose a model that ensures optimum heat supply. Most large saunas have a 7 feet ceiling height and room dimensions of 4 by 4 feet or eight by 12 feet.

Check other sauna specifications to ensure it has two benches at appropriate heights with an 18-inch distance between both.

three people in a sauna

Understanding the Heaters & Controls

A sauna heater’s efficiency determines its quality and overall performance. While the traditional Finnish saunas work with wooden heating systems, infrared saunas come with two heating options using an electric heater: carbon and ceramic heaters.

You can either mount these heaters on the wall or leave them freestanding, depending on their size. Carbon heaters are a lot safer and offer improved performance throughout the sauna experience. Make sure you choose a sauna with a larger heater that produces a bigger infrared wavelength to split the heat evenly across the room.

Sauna Costs

You can find multiple saunas with different price ranges online. While a two-person sauna will typically cost you $1000 to $1500, you may also find high-quality saunas ranging from $3000 to $12000 or more.

The best part about buying an infrared sauna online is that you’re more likely to find something that fits your budget and sauna installation needs. A sauna’s price depends on its model, wood quality, interior design and heating equipment, and size. You’ll also be required to spend some more money on its installation based on the space available at your home.

 a woman lying inside a sauna

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