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A Infrared sauna installed for sauna therapy.

Shedding Light on Mid Infrared Saunas: Benefits and Features

Infrared technology is electromagnetic energy that radiates heat through the wavelengths. It is used in many new appliances as it is safer and more efficient. Infrared therapy has helped the human body in various ways, especially when it is used in a sauna.

Here is a holistic view of mid-infrared saunas for you.

What Is Mid Infrared Light?

Mid-infrared (MIR) has a longer wavelength than near-infrared and generates more heat than far-infrared. It belongs to the middle of the spectrum and emits radiation in the form of a laser-like beam.

Mid-infrared light is mostly used for health and wellness as it can help with systemic disorders. It’s commonly used in athletic recovery as it increases athletic performance by relieving the pain of the muscles to increase endurance.

Benefits and Features

Promotes Weight Loss

Mid-infrared technology in saunas is popularly used for weight loss as it produces heat and increases the temperature of the body. When the body has to work to cool itself down, the heart rate, cardiovascular activity and metabolic rate increases, like it would in a workout. So, it is helpful in better blood circulation.

Expands Blood Vessels

When the body gets an even distribution of heat, it expands the blood vessels. This helps with better blood circulation and improves the skin. Your skin gets a subtle glow and becomes fresh while getting a flushed look on your face. Improved allows oxygen and nutrients to be transported at a faster rate helping your heart, lungs and muscle to perform efficiently boosting your immune system.

Reduces Inflammation

The mid-infrared light penetrates the soft tissues and helps to repair them by stimulating cell regeneration. This reduces pain and inflammation and helps to heal the injured body parts. People suffering from arthritis have claimed that they have less joint and muscle pain after infrared sauna therapy.

Helps In Cardiovascular Activity

When the temperature of the body increases, your heartrate accelerates without putting excessive stress on your cardiovascular system. So, people suffering from heart disease use sauna therapy to stimulate their bodies.

Doesn't Have Any Major Side Effects

When you use sauna therapy for a limited duration that’s recommended by certified sauna experts it won't cause any harm to your body. As your body sweats, it takes out many toxins and is a detoxification process for you. So, it has more health benefits as it helps your body maintain hydration and get rid of harmful bacteria.

A 5-person sauna installed outside the house.

Buy an infrared sauna with the help of our certified sauna specialists. We can guide you regarding all the features and benefits of having a mid-infrared sauna kit. We have a top-tier sauna collection from various brands and you can choose an infrared sauna or a heater type according to your preference.

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