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Everything to Know About Near, Far, and Mid-Infrared Saunas

Today’s wellness market is filled with many new and advanced tools and smart appliances, including infrared saunas. These home accessories and relaxation devices provide users with an experience similar to the traditional high-heat hot-rock saunas, except that they’re a lot safer and beneficial than the steam rooms used in ancient times.

While infrared saunas aren’t a new concept for most people these days, many individuals struggle to understand the difference between near, mid, and far-infrared saunas.

Read on to learn about the features of each of them to decide which infrared sauna fits your needs best.

Near-Infrared Saunas

Near-infrared saunas are unique. Their low-EMF heaters release near-infrared heat waves with a shorter frequency range. As a result, you experience the heat penetrating your skin’s epidermis layer.

Near-infrared saunas are perfect for skin health and rejuvenation. Their technological design is similar to the infrared waves used in cosmetic and skin healing devices at a dermatologist’s clinic. The LED lights with infrared heat in near-infrared saunas heal skin wounds and promote an even skin tone.

These saunas are the safest choices for accessing near-infrared heat without exposure to extreme light or heat.

an infrared sauna

Mid-Infrared Saunas

Mid-infrared saunas, as the name suggests, are saunas with more extended wavelengths than near-infrared saunas. Their heaters penetrate heat deep into the body to improve internal bodily functions and promote overall health and fitness.

You’ll experience increased blood circulation inside a mid-infrared sauna. In fact, the outcomes of a mid-infrared sauna session are similar to those of a cardio workout. If you’re looking for long-lasting health benefits with a well-regulated blood flow, you should undoubtedly try a mid-infrared sauna session.

Far-Infrared Saunas

Far-infrared saunas are the most commonly used sauna types for dry sauna baths. They’re excellent for creating a hyperthermia effect as their heat raises a bather’s core body temperature.

The infrared waves from far-infrared saunas surround the body with maximum heat to induce cellular activity by vibrating cells and purging toxins through a safe sweating experience. These saunas are excellent for heavy metal detox and cleansing the body from environmental toxins and pesticides.

a far-infrared sauna

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