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    Everything You Need to Know About Radiant Health Saunas

    By Stephanie Chabot October 21, 2020

    Everything You Need to Know About Radiant Health Saunas

    Whether you just started your infrared sauna search or you are already in the throes of comparisons and research, you probably noticed right off the bat how many options are available. So how do you know which sauna brands are the highest quality? 

    USA Health and Wellness has researched a wide range of saunas from different manufacturers. Now, we are working to educate you on some of the most popular sauna makers so you can decide which is best for your lifestyle and wellness needs. 

    Below, we’re sharing our Radiant Health Saunas review. Established in Vancouver in 1997, the far-infrared sauna company now has a regional location in Houston. Their products are sold throughout Canada and the United States. Keep reading to learn more about the technology, materials, and design behind Radiant Health Saunas. 

    Radiant Health Saunas Features & Technology

    Radiant Health Saunas owner, Randy Gomm, decided to develop infrared saunas when he started experiencing health problems and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The Canadian manufacturer focuses on:

    • Carbon Flow Infrared Heaters
    • Very low electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
    • Toxic-free wood and materials
    Radiant Health Elite Sauna with carbon infrared heaters

    Carbon Flow Infrared Heaters

    Each model in the Radiant Health Saunas Elite Series comes with 100% carbon infrared panels on the walls as well as below the bench. Their Carbon Flow heaters are designed to evenly disperse heat with no disproportionate cold spots or hot spots.

    Radiant Health explains that because their carbon heaters have a larger surface area, they require a lower surface temperature. This creates longer, more beneficial far-infrared wavelengths.

    Based on our research and experience, Radiant Health Saunas are slower than most other infrared saunas to reach temperature. Additionally, they won’t heat up if the room temperature is below 60 degrees. These are important limitations to consider when deciding on a sauna that suits your home and schedule.

    Low EMF & Non-toxic

    If one thing is clear, it’s that Radiant Health Saunas focuses heavily on engineering very low EMF saunas. Their third-party test results show very low EMF levels not only for their infrared heaters, but for the entire sauna. In addition to EMF levels, Radiant Health had their heaters and materials independently tested to show that all sauna components are completely non-toxic. 

    The manufacturer meets the same standards as UL and CSA and their saunas have an ETL mark for both the U.S. and Canada. They also exceed the requirements of the Restriction on Hazardous Substances Directive. Finally, Radiant Health is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and follow environmentally sustainable wood harvesting practices.

    Materials & Construction

    All Radiant Health Saunas are made with furniture-grade Canadian Hemlock kiln-dried to 6 to 8% moisture content, which prevents warping and cracking. No plywood, particle board, or engineered wood composites are used, as these materials could cause off-gassing and produce toxins.

    Radiant Health designs their infrared saunas in and sources their wood from Canada, but like most other manufacturers, the saunas are produced in China.

    Health Mate Saunas vs. Radiant Health Saunas

    After researching and evaluating Radiant Health Saunas, we believe Health Mate is the better choice because of their quality, features, and efficiency. Not to mention, Health Mate has been developing high-quality infrared saunas since 1979!

    Established History & Reputation

    Health Mate Saunas Factory

    Health Mate was the first brand to introduce an infrared sauna in the U.S. 41 years ago. They have a long history of providing stellar customer service and influencing the industry with their technology and innovations.

    To top it all off, Health Mate saunas are manufactured in their very own factory. They have produced over 200,000 saunas to date and counting!

    Health Mate Tecoloy Infrared Sauna Heater

    Combination Infrared Heaters

    Unlike Radiant Health, Health Mate saunas include a combination of their patented Tecoloy™ ceramic emitters and TruInfra™ carbon heaters that guarantee a full-circle dual wave heat. The Tecoloy heaters deliver up to 40% deeper penetration than the leading carbon heater and boast the fastest to-temperature heat time.

    While the Tecoloy and TruInfra emitters provide the benefits of mid- and far-infrared heat, the safe and effective LED panel on the ceiling delivers near-infrared wavelengths. Enjoy a full-spectrum infrared experience with your Health Mate sauna.

    Low EMF Levels

    Health Mate takes extensive measures to ensure their saunas are both low EMF and 100% certified non-toxic. Both the heaters and controllers were third-party tested and found to have ultra-low EMF levels with the sauna on and off, as well as in the sitting position with the sauna on. 

    If you’d like to review for yourself, Health Mate published their EMF report to show exactly how safe their infrared saunas are.

    High Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

    A Health Mate sauna will fit well in any home thanks to its beautiful, high-quality finish. Each model is built with non-toxic Western Red Cedar from Canada, which is: 

    • A sustainable and renewable resource with curative properties.
    • Antimicrobial, meaning no fungus, mold, or bacteria—plus minimal cleaning and maintenance for you! 
    • Kiln-dried to 6% moisture content to prevent warping or cracking.

    Since the manufacturer has their own factory, they are able to ensure detailed quality control. Their process includes five detailed stages to ensure all components assemble and function properly. 

    As if that isn’t enough, Health Mate saunas feature luxuries like the Bluetooth music player (Radiant Health only includes a CD/MP3 player), chromotherapy lighting, and exterior lighting. Enjoy a completely relaxing and rejuvenating sauna experience daily.

    Above all else, Health Mate offers renowned customer service and an unbeatable warranty. Check out our selection of Health Mate infrared saunas to learn more about their products and guarantee. If you have more questions, contact our sauna experts at 207-619-4291 today!

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