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a wooden sauna

Health Mate Infrared Sauna Review 2021

Your physical and mental health and wellbeing are your most treasured possessions. Healthmate saunas are an excellent purchase if you’re looking to improve your health through infrared detox therapy.

Here’s a review to help you determine whether you should consider a Health Mate sauna.


Health Mate saunas are the ultimate saunas for effective healing therapy. They’re manufactured after forty years of research and production. With a rock-solid A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, it’s worth the investment.

Most Health Mate saunas cost between $1900-$6500.


The engineers and designers at Health Mate aim to ensure 100% customer satisfaction by designing and assembling high-quality saunas with top-notch craftsmanship. All their products are fresh and original, offering customers the best therapy experience possible.

All Health Mate saunas have a patented UL-listed heating element with a lifetime warranty.

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Telocoy Heaters

Most traditional saunas have ceramic heaters with 5-year durability and fragile rods. These are cheaper heating systems that often lead to weaker, sand-filled popes. Health Mate saunas have a unique heating system with standard ceramic health with Incoloy integration and a carbon-based rod in the center.

As a result, the telocoy heaters provide users with highly even heat throughout the sauna experience.

EMF Ratings

Health Mate saunas don’t necessarily guarantee the lowest EMF levels. However, the EMF levels are considerably distant from the heaters and are far below the dangerous EMF levels found in cheaper saunas.

All Health Mate saunas have an EMF level of below 3.0 milligrams, which is safe for all users regardless of age.

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Construction Quality

Health Mate infrared saunas are known for their high-quality manufacturing and production. The company chooses the finest, handpicked, and dedicated materials like the wood of traditional Western Red Cedar and Hemlock for their construction.

It sources these manufacturing materials from Canadian forests and processes them in a three hundred thousand square food lumber mill.


While it’s a high-quality sauna that doesn’t require frequent maintenance, it’s better to clean it occasionally. Wipe its interiors with a warm damp cloth and lukewarm water. Avoid using chemical-based cleaning products to prevent the wood from absorbing the harsh smells and odors from cleaning agents.

You can also make minor upgrades by sanding the sauna wood stains and placing towels on them to prevent stains.

a wooden sauna


Healthcare specialists and doctors recommend health Mate saunas for multiple benefits, including pain relief, weight loss, improved skin condition, personal wellness, detoxification, and lower blood pressure.

While no medical studies prove the guaranteed health benefits of saunas, these infrared saunas are most likely to provide the temperature increase for improved circulation and a healthy toxin-removing sweat.

a woman inside a sauna

Find the best Health Mate Saunas by browsing through the high-quality infrared saunas online on USA Health & Wellness. We’re a leading sauna distributor offering saunas with multiple healing benefits and a lifetime warranty. Check them out here today!

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