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a man inside a sauna

The Top 3 Sauna Brands to Try this Year

If you’re a big believer in frequent sauna sessions because of their potential health benefits, it’s critical to find a sauna that promotes your overall well-being. Since most people are counter-intuitive about the right infrared sauna size, EMLF levels, and brands, here are the top 3 sauna brands you must consider purchasing this year.


If you’re looking for an ultra low-EMF sauna, Therasauna is the best sauna brand for you. TheraSauna uses proprietary, high glass-content, solid-ceramic TheraMitters™ at the proper watt/density for deep body penetration to induce profuse sweating and thereby detoxifying the human body. What also makes Therasauna stand out from others is its amazing craftsmanship manufactured in the USA.

While the brand offers a wide range of saunas from individual saunas to 4-person saunas, the Therasauna TS5753 is ideal for people looking for a two-person far-infrared sauna with low-EMF features.

a woman inside a sauna

Vital Health

Vital Health is a reasonably new sauna company, manufacturing high-quality saunas for about ten years. While it’s not as well-established as Therasauna, it continues to make a name for itself by offering a vast collection of full-spectrum and far-infrared saunas.

Most of their customers choose Vital Health as their ultimate sauna brand due to their saunas’ exceptional construction quality, low-EMF levels, and impeccable customer service.

The company manufactures its saunas using two high-end types of wood, including hemlock and red cedar. These are durable wood options for maximum sauna longevity and performance. You can choose among their range of near-infrared, mid-infrared, and far-infrared saunas for one to five persons.

All Vital Health Elite saunas are made with red cedar, while its Premier saunas are constructed with pure hemlock.

Health Mate

If your doctor or physician has recommended you get a sauna to heal a specific condition, you must pick a Health Mate sauna. Health Mate has been manufacturing high-quality saunas for more than three decades and has become a pioneer and market leader in the sauna industry.

All Health Mate saunas are known for their Trulnfra and Tecoloy carbon heaters with low-EMF levels. The company offers high-end saunas with multiple amenities, including a sound system with Bluetooth connectivity, chromotherapy lights, and a digital control pad.

You can choose among a wide range of Health Mate sauna sizes to pick the perfect accessory for your home.

a woman inside a sauna

You can now find all these sauna brands at USA Health & Wellness. We’re a leading distributor of high-quality infrared saunas in the USA, offering high-quality, low-EMF saunas for up to 5 persons. Visit our website to check out our collection today!

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