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TheraSauna Infrared Sauna Review 2021

Looking for a sauna or steam room that’s fully designed and handcrafted within the United States? TheraSauna is a one-of-a-kind sauna with an incredibly innovative design that sets it apart from its competition. Here are some of its unique features that make TheraSauna worth the investment.

Manufactured in the USA

It’s a reliable infrared sauna company that manufactures all its products in the United States. With its manufacturing warehouse and headquarters in Iowa, the company keeps all its designs and engineering techniques within the country to ensure top-quality research, innovation, and production at all times.

The other TheraSauna warehouses are located in Wisconsin and Europe.

Aspen Wood

Many sauna consumers prioritize safety over anything when purchasing a sauna. Therefore, TheraSauna is the first choice that comes to mind when looking for a safe and healthy sauna experience. It’s made with non-toxic aspen hardwood with no health effects.

This manufacturing material is made with clear wood grown at elevations where trees don’t produce terpenes. The company carefully selects and processes its wood to ensure that it’s always high-quality and strong enough for residential and commercial use.

TheraSauna's wood is solid, thick, and durable. In fact, you’ll find it to be two or three times wider than its competition.

a sauna with candles

MPS Touchview™ 3.0 Control

TheraSauna produces high-end saunas with modern technology such as the MPS Touchview™ 3.0 Control. With this touch view, you can manage every aspect of your sauna experience through an Android touchscreen attached to a sauna with a holder.

This feature allows you to adjust the sauna session time, temperature, MPS levels, and preheat settings. You can even save your presets to determine how intensely you want to sweat in every session.

The controlling features in TheraSauna saunas allow users to immerse in a relaxing experience with built-in sound therapy with an Audio Screen. You can now enjoy the ultimate sauna experience with five unique music tracks with therapeutic nature sounds.

TheraMitters™ Solid Ceramic Heaters

TheraSauna’s heaters are unique from their traditional counterparts. They’re called TheraMitters because they’re made of solid ceramic instead of the tubular ceramic heaters consisting of a wire and thinly ceramic-coated metal.

TheraSauna specializes in providing all sauna users in the US with high-glass content with solid ceramic heaters without needing metal rods.

 a wooden sauna

You can now find these exceptional TheraSauna saunas at USA Health & Wellness. We’re a leading sauna distributor in the US, providing a wide range of infrared saunas online from trusted brands. Check them out here.

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