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a woman inside a sauna

Vital Health Infrared Sauna Review 2021

Sauna therapy can make a dramatically positive change in your health and wellbeing. However, it’s crucial to choose the correct brand with values and multiple benefits to acquire their advantage. Vital Health Saunas are known to be one of the best near-infrared saunas in their total spectrum units.

With constant innovation every year, they continue to produce high-quality saunas to establish a reputation with their customers. Let’s examine whether Vital Health saunas are worth your money and if they can provide you with the proper therapeutic value you’re looking for.

Company Values

Vital Health has been producing high-quality saunas for nine years and has a 40% success rate than its competitors in the industry, who only survived a few years. With every growth factor, the company’s popularity has increased among the masses.

Its values always prioritized exceptional customer service over anything else. With a history of producing top-notch saunas, Vital Health has become one of the most reliable sauna brands in the market.

It can now compete with high-end brands due to its innovation.

a man and a woman inside a sauna

Wood Cabin Design

An ideal sauna design must have heaters on every side to provide even full-body coverage with the highest infrared heat levels. While many companies forget to cover this aspect, Vital Health saunas have the perfect heater placement to provide substantial heat on both body sides and behind the legs.

The Vital Health design also has heaters on the leg’s sides and the front wood panels beside the door.

Vital Health Heaters

The company is known for using its third-generation heating elements for its infrared saunas. They’re called the Vital Rays GEN III Low-EMF heaters. People trust them because they’re exclusive to the brand and produce saunas better than 90% of their competitors.

The idea behind using the Vital Rays GEN III Low EMF Heaters is to ensure the provision of large amounts of safe infrared light waves to all sauna bathers.


The company’s warranty covers most of the sauna’s features, including the saunas’ heaters, electronics, and cabin. All Vital Health saunas come with an excellent lifetime warranty for original purchases.

Furthermore, its’ speakers, audio system, and radio come with a one-year warranty.

a woman taking a sauna bath

You can now find Vital Health saunas at USA Health & Wellness. We’re a leading distributor of high-quality saunas across the United States, ensuring all sauna bathers’ health and safety. Visit our website to learn more today!

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