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The Top 3 Features of an Aleko Sauna

Investing in a sauna is a commitment, especially when you’re looking for luxury and affordability simultaneously. If you’re looking for a sauna that’s not too heavy on the pocket and comes with plenty of features, Aleko is the right sauna company for you.

Aleko’s infrared saunas are known for their positive physical health effect, such as pain relief from sore muscles, improved skin tone, detoxification, and burned calories. Whether you want to purchase a sauna for at-home relaxation or its healing benefits, here are some of the features of Aleko saunas.

Red Cedarwood

Aleko produces a wide range of infrared saunas, including its infamous mini stem, a 2-person sauna made with Canadian Cedarwood. It’s the highest quality sauna manufacturing material, offering unique aesthetics to the house.

The company employs safe manufacturing standards and has CT and ETL-approved certification. All Aleko saunas have a 3kW heater and sauna stones of 44 pounds or more for maximum heating.

The manufacturers have constructed Aleko saunas with built-in ventilation spots to ensure proper air circulation throughout sauna sessions. Additionally, you can conveniently place these saunas outdoors and enjoy your backyard’s views through the tempered glass door with a wooden handle.

The air inside this sauna heats quickly. As a result, you no longer have to wait for the sauna to warm up at the desired level.

sauna stones

Dimensions & Add-Ons

An average 2-person sauna by Aleko is 51 x 43 x 75 inches and weighs around 643 pounds. Apart from its flexible dimensions, Aleko’s steam sauna comes with multiple amenities, including a touch screen control panel. You can use this screen to control the sauna’s temperature and heating time.

There’s also an anti-explosive lamp in this sauna, which provides the perfect lighting during sauna sessions. You may find a wooden bucket with a scoop to steam the sauna stones as per the preferred humidity and sauna temperature.

Replacement Parts

Aleko is a unique sauna company that produces and offers replacement parts and accessories for its saunas. It’s an excellent deal for consumers looking to improve their sauna experience without technical faults.

 One such addition includes the Aleko 15-minute timer that allows you to keep track of your time inside a sauna. Aleko’s other tools and sauna gadgets are the Hygrometers, thermometer, roof shingle set, scoop, stones, and a bucket.

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You can now check out Aleko Saunas when looking for infrared saunas online at USA Health & Wellness. We’re a trusted sauna supplier in the USA, offering high-quality infrared saunas by leading brands. Visit our website to check them out today!

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