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4 Best 2 Person Infrared Sauna for 2022

4 Best 2 Person Infrared Sauna for 2022

4 Best 2-Person Infrared Sauna Models for 2021

When shopping for a sauna, many people are searching for a model that fits two. After all, it’s nice to take in that relaxation time with your special someone or a friend. With so many options on the market, however, how do you find the best 2-person sauna for your home, budget, and lifestyle? 

Below, we’re sharing our top four picks from Health Mate, TheraSauna, and Saunacore—a few of the longest-standing and most reputable brands in the sauna industry. If you are going to invest in your wellness for 2022, we highly recommend these as the best 2-person home saunas when it comes to quality and value.

Health Mate Enrich 2

Health Mate Enrich 2 Sauna


The spacious Health Mate Enrich 2 is the best two-person infrared sauna for those looking for perfection and luxury. This model is a great demonstration of Health Mate’s dedication to innovation, health, comfort and convenience.

Feel the difference with the Health Mate Tecoloy™ 360 Dual Wave Heaters. These emitters fully surround you with dual wave heat with up to 40% deeper penetration than the leading carbon heater and boast have the fastest to-temperature heat time. 

Enjoy the benefits full-spectrum infrared heat with the near-infrared LED and the Tecoloy mid- and far-infrared heaters. Health Mate developed their state-of-the-art near-infrared LED panel that is much safer and more effective than many low-quality brands claiming to offer full-spectrum infrared. 

Of course, you’ll be safe with every sauna experience. The Enrich 2 is built with non-toxic Western Red Cedar. Both the Tecoloy heaters and the sauna controllers contain ultra-low electromagnetic field (EMF) levels.

Two people can comfortably relax in the roomy Enrich 2 while listening to soothing music through the Bluetooth system. Or, stretch out solo on the reversible ergonomic bench. The patented controller even allows you to set your sauna to turn on anytime, so it’s always ready when you are.


  • PEFC™ Western Cedar Wood
  • 100% toxic-free
  • Exterior lighting
  • 96 diode near-infrared LED
  • Ergonomic bench
  • Low EMF Tecoloy™ Heaters
  • Low EMF TruInfra™ Heaters
  • Lower back heater
  • Floor heater
  • Mirrored privacy glass
  • Patented interior & exterior controllers
  • Magazine holder
  • Interior shelf
  • Interior towel bar
  • Bluetooth CD player


Interior Dimensions

  • Width: 45”
  • Depth: 39 ¾”
  • Height: 71 ½”

Exterior Dimensions

  • Width: 48 ½”
  • Depth: 48 ¾”
  • Height: 78 ½”


  • 120v
  • 1810 watts
  • 15 amps
  • Plugs into a standard 120v 15a outlet
  • Plug type: NEMA 5-15P

Price: $5,300

Shop the Health Mate Enrich 2 today.

Check out our close-up look at the Enrich 2 below!

TheraSauna TS5753

Therasauna TS5753 2 Person Sauna

The 100% American-made TheraSauna TS5753 is a great choice for those who desire the little luxuries while they enjoy their regular saunas. From romantic spa days with your sweetheart to relaxing sweat sessions with a friend, this is one of the best two-person sauna options available.

Featuring the patented TheraSauna TheraMitter™ ceramic heaters and StableHeat™ technology, this model delivers a safe, powerful, efficient, and consistent heat throughout your entire sauna bath.

Easily select your presets and adjust settings during your soak with the convenient and intuitive Micron Power Select™ (MPS). This Android touchscreen allows you to customize the heat for each person in the sauna and change the temperature for each body part (e.g.: keep your upper body hot and your feet warm).

With the SpectraWave™ technology, you can choose between near-, middle-, or far-infrared energy. If you want a mix of all three, SpectraWave can do that, too!

Two users can even set their daily sauna programs to start automatically with the 7 Day Programmable Memory Settings. It will be ready for you when you wake up in the morning, after you get home from work, or after you hit the gym. The TheraSauna TS5753 is the perfect way to start or end every day.


  • Patented StableHeat™ 
  • Solid ceramic TheraMitters™ 
  • Micron Power Select™ 
  • SpectraWave™
  • 7 Day Programmable Memory Settings (Dual Users)
  • 100% American-made
  • Grade#1 non-toxic, non-allergenic Aspen hardwood
  • Ergonomic, contoured backrest
  • Reversible bench (flat & curved)
  • Smoke glass door with two side windows and TheraSauna® logo
  • Very low levels of EMF
  • Can fit 2 people comfortably



  • Width: 58 ½” 
  • Depth: 50 ½” 
  • Height: 78”


  • 120v
  • 1531 watts
  • 20 amps
  • Plugs into 120v 20a outlet

Price: $6,255

Shop the TheraSauna 5753 today.

Health Mate Renew 2

Health Mate Renew 2 Sauna

The Renew 2 is another two-person sauna with amazing value. This Health Mate sauna contains Bluetooth technology, the same cedar wood, a dual control pad, and easy no-tool assembly that will have you enjoying your first session in no time.

This model also includes Health Mate’s patented Tecoloy heaters coupled with their TruInfra carbon flat panel heaters. Elevate your wellness with far-infrared heat from the Tecoloy S series heaters on the front wall and bench and the carbon infrared on the back wall. 

Sweat it out solo or with a buddy under the calming chromotherapy lights in the Renew 2, a high-quality affordable option for any home.


  • PEFC™ Western Cedar Wood
  • Flat Bench
  • 100% Toxic Free
  • Patented Interior & Exterior Controllers
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Magazine Holder
  • 48 Diode Chromotherapy lighting
  • Interior Shelf
  • Low EMF TruInfra™ Heater
  • Bluetooth


Interior Dimensions

  • Width: 45”
  • Depth: 35 ¾”
  • Height: 69 ⅞”

Exterior Dimensions

  • Width: 48”
  • Depth: 40 ½”
  • Height: 75 ¼”


  • 120v
  • 1630 watts
  • 15 amps
  • Plugs into a standard 120v 15a outlet
  • Plug type: NEMA 5-15P

Price: $4,600

Shop the Health Mate Renew 2 today.

Saunacore Horizon Econo

Saunacore Horizon Econo

If you’re searching for an economical infrared sauna for two, the Saunacore Horizon Econo is your answer! This model may be priced well, but the manufacturer has sacrificed nothing when it comes to the features and quality. 

The Horizon Econo delivers unmatched far-infrared heat thanks to Saunacore’s signature Infra-Core™ heaters. These unique concave-shaped emitters simultaneously boast a 96% heating efficiency and a safe soak with almost non-existent EMF levels.

This Saunacore sauna also features Western Red Cedar sourced from one of the finest Canadian mills. Cedar is used because it is decay-resistant and antimicrobial—which means a long sauna life and less maintenance for you! Each cabin wall is also dual or triple constructed to ensure maximum heat efficiency.

This unit was designed to be as economical as possible. Thanks to its compact size, it can fit into virtually any home or space and its power requirements average just $3 a month in electrical costs. The Infra-Core heaters, efficiency, and top-quality cedar are enough to make the Horizon Econo an amazingly valuable two-person sauna, but the benefits don’t stop there.


  • 6 medical-grade Infra-Core™ ceramic emitters
  • Wood front with Infra-Core luxury tinted designer glass door
  • Emitters on front wall corners, back wall corners, and under the bench
  • Grade A cedar floor insert
  • One straight bench along back wall
  • Single wall construction for lightweight and easy assembly
  • Limited lifetime warranty (unconditional lifetime warranty on Infra-Core heaters)
  • Command I digital controls
  • Sauna light



4’ x 4’ (also available in 4’ x 5’)


Plugs into a 120v 15a outlet

Price: $6,350

Shop the Saunacore Horizon Econo today.

Learn More About the Best 2-Person Saunas

We hope this list helps you narrow down your choices! If you still have questions or need help deciding which model is the best 2-person infrared sauna for you, call our specialists today at 207-619-4291 to learn more. We’ll be happy to help you find your perfect match!

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